Our BORDER DAYS parades are a big draw with saddle horses adorned by the pomp and circumstance of the rodeo Royal Court, and joined by horse drawn carriages, festive decorated cars, ATVs, UTVs and trucks, farming equipment and fire trucks. Parade floats line Main Street and participating entrants are announced one by one, representing local businesses showing their support for the BORDER DAYS tradition. The parade floats are applauded as they throw candy to the crowds and crawl slowly eastward. Children wait with anticipation to collect candy as their parents enjoy the festivities with a watchful eye. Adults, teens and people of all ages crowd the sidewalks lined up on both sides whistling and clapping enthusiastically as everyone enjoys the simple joys of GRANGEVILLE BORDER DAYS!

BORDER DAYS ART IN THE PARK is enjoyed by many as they peruse through the park under the shade of big trees, viewing and purchasing handcrafted gift items and artwork, highlighting our local arts and crafts. A traditional barbecue and old fashioned strawberry shortcake dessert gives patrons a taste bud tantalizing treat to complete the event.